Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Long Distance

Moving your heavy bulky furniture long distance isn’t your cup of tea. It strains not just your back, but also your wallet. This is why you may want to explore and find the cheapest way to move furniture long distance. Here are a few options that you can consider.

Sell, Then Buy New

While moving long distance, your moving cost is greatly affected by the total weight of your shipment. This is why you need to sit down and carefully analyze which furniture pieces to take with you as it will contribute greatly to deciding your cheapest way to move furniture long distance. Don’t be hesitant in making your decision. Sell them online or hold a garage sale. After all, it can be much better to sell some furniture pieces before the move and purchase new ones at your new destination after the relocation rather than to pay big money for their transportation.

Hire your Own Truck or Trailer

Your cheapest way to move furniture long distance is doing it yourself by renting a moving truck or a trailer if you have a vehicle. While this method is certainly the cheapest but it is a lot of work, since you have to manage all the packing, loading, driving and unloading yourself. Driving these large moving trucks or trailer long distances is also not a fun activity, especially if you don’t have the experience before.

Borrow a Truck or Trailer from a Friend

Do you have a friend who owns a truck or trailer? Well, ask them if you can borrow it for the weekend. Since you are even saving the rent money this is probably the cheapest way to move long distance. But if you are going really long distance, decide beforehand how you are going to return it back.

Less than Truckload Freight Company

LTL or less than truckload freight companies charge by the amount of space your furniture uses on the truck. All you need to do is disassemble and pack your furniture properly. The freight company usually secure the furniture with pallets and moving blankets to secure the furniture and keep it safe during transit. After packing, have the packed furniture waiting outside at ground level for pick-up on the agreed-upon time and date. The shipping company will arrive, pick them up and deliver to your new address. LTL is probably the cheapest way to move long distance if you don’t prefer to drive.

Find & Hire Cheap Long Distance Movers

While it is certainly not the cheapest but it is the most sensible option out there to move your furniture from one home to another. If you think that driving it yourself is the way to go, you might be surprised at the affordability of professional but cheap long distance movers. By hiring reliable movers, you don’t have to take any break from your work or bear any additional cost for meals and lodging. They bring all the equipment and finish your move in a hassle freeway.

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