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Moving can be difficult enough without struggling to find a reliable and reputable moving company for your relocation. Should you choose the mover suggested by your friend or should you trust the mover that showed up first on the Google search? The answer is neither. Every move is unique, so even though you should consider recommendations and collect moving quotes online from multiple movers, it is only after thoroughly comparing them and researching the movers, should you make your final decision. With this guide understand how you can get moving quotes easily and how should you compare them to find the best movers for your move.

How to Get FREE Moving Quotes Online

It can be tempting to simply type the best moving companies into a search engine like Google or Bing and then select the first mover that shows up in the list. You ask for a quote, are happy with it, but how can you be sure that you got the best deal? or even that these movers will provide the best moving services? This is why you need to collect quotes from multiple movers.

The most effective and cost-efficient way to get free moving quotes online is by using an online moving platform for moving companies US-wide like Moversfolder. The process is extremely simple, just visit the website and fill out a simple ‘moving quote’ request form with basic moving details. Moversfolder will then provide you free moving quotes from the affordable movers who are ready to take up your relocation job. All the movers linked with Moversfolder are prescreened, licensed and insured, so you can be sure that you are getting moving quotes online only from the best movers in your area.

Compare Multiple Moving Quotes

It is really important to compare at least three to four moving quotes online, as moving costs can significantly differ from one moving company to another and you certainly want to get a fair deal. By getting a number of quotes and comparing them, you understand the average moving rates and thus can discern which moving companies are significantly overcharging or undercharging. The latter is just as bad as the former because it indicates that these movers cut corners.

Easy Ways to Compare Moving Quotes

You can clearly see prices in each quote, but it is important that you consider other factors too. Local movers charge hourly, so compare their hourly rates, long distance movers quotes are based either on weight or volume of your belongings. Make sure you are comparing similar types of quotes ( preferably based on weight). Now most moving companies charge for the basic services like packing and loading, but there are some special fees you may not know about. Like some moving companies have:

  • Expedited Service Fee which applies if you need your move done on specific dates with little or no reservations. You can avoid this fee by planning and booking ahead of time.
  • Some movers charge flight fees, which is applied when movers have to carry furniture or large boxes up several flights of stairs. 
  •  Linehaul or long haul fees are applied when the movers are to make a long journey to your new destination.
  • Storage-in-transit fees are applied when the moving truck arrives at your new home and can’t unload.

There may be other hidden fees or charges in online moving quotes, so make sure to read the fine print of the moving estimates you are receiving and considering hiring for the moving job.

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