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Hiring professional movers can make your move easy, but you could end up paying hundred to thousand dollars, depending on whom you hire, how far you are moving, and what services you elect. To reduce the risk of any last minute surprises, get a few moving quotes online before you hire movers, so you exactly have an idea about how much you will be spending for your relocation.

The whole point of moving quotes online is to get an estimate about your moving costs before it happens. A local or long distance moving company can give you moving quotes online over the phone but remember moving companies are only legally bound on written binding estimates.

There are 3-Different Types of Moving Estimates that Decide Moving Costs

1- Binding Estimates: If you are getting a binding estimate from a moving company, it means the moving company is required to honor the required price they offered as long as nothing changes. If you have mentioned the same number of belongings in the inventory sheet that you want to move, the final moving cost will be the same as the binding estimate.

2- Non-Binding Estimates: It is merely a document where the movers estimates your moving cost. The final price will be determined by the actual weight of your shipment and services hired by you from the partial or full-service movers.  Although your actual moving cost can go much higher than the non-binding estimate, remember that your mover is only eligible to charge 110% of the written estimate at the time of moving.

3- Not to Exceed Estimate: It is somewhat the same as binding estimates except one point that you have to pay less than the estimated amount if the weight of your household goods is less than what is estimated in the quote.

Moving & Additional Service Charges

In addition to moving rate per pound, long distance movers charge for any extra moving services that you require from them. Ask the moving company about all services they will charge extra for, and make sure the moving quotes online includes everything you need for the moving day.

No Elevator but Stairs- If the mover is supposed to carry your boxes and furniture items up or downstairs, they are likely to charge extra fees. So, if either your new or old house has stairs and there’s no elevator available, confirm from your mover whether they have added a stairs charge in moving quotes online or not.

Long Carry Service- If the moving company has to carry your belongings from your house to the moving truck for a long way, then they will charge an extended carry fee. The moving quote should specify the maximum distance the mover can carry things before this fee is added. If this applies to your move, contact the moving company to add on the cost to avoid any hassle on the moving day.

Packing & Material Charges- All fees for packing material and packing services should be mentioned in moving quotes online. Some movers charge on the base of a number of items to be packed, others, especially few local movers charge per hour basis. Remember, what you pay for all the packing supplies and prices, the same should be clearly mentioned in the quote.

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