Long Distance Moving Company Quotes

If you are planning to move cross country, you probably want to hire the best services for moving your stuff. To start the process, the first step you need to do is collect long distance moving company quotes from multiple professional moving companies. You can accomplish this with the help of a reliable moving platform like Moversfolder which helps you to get Moving quotes online just by providing a few details of your move. These quotes are credible since they are provided only by licensed and insured movers and are more accessible. You can then compare these moving companies quotes in order to find the best deal for your move. But to do that efficiently, it’s important you understand the basics of how moving costs are calculated and what are the factors that affect moving estimates. Keep reading to get answers to all such questions.

Note the Factors that Determine Long Distance Moving Company Quotes:

Total Weight of your Possessions

The more stuff you need to move, the more amount you need to spend on moving. To get accurate quotes, you need to discuss the number of belongings with the moving company representatives. This will help them to determine the size of the moving truck and time required for loading and unloading your stuff, which are essential elements of moving quotes.  In case you have any special items like a piano or pool table, then you need to inform the movers about them because they will charge for extra services and equipment. 

The Distance from Origin to Destination

The more the distance of your new house from the old home, the more is your moving cost.  This is because not only you are required to pay for driving, but you need to pay for the moving truck’s gas too. This leads to higher moving costs.

Moving Labor Cost 

Moving labour cost differs from one city or state to another, as most of the local movers charge you on an hourly basis, whereas long distance movers add up labour costs in their offered long distance moving company quotes.

Additional Required Services 

There are also plenty of additional moving services costs included in the moving quotes. They generally include charges for services like zpacking, unpacking, disassembly of furniture, flight charges, long carry fees etc. While you can control some of them like packing but others are essential for your moving job like shuttle service which cannot be avoided.

Insurance Coverage

The next thing that you need to be sure about moving quotes is whether insurance is added or not. Many moving companies do not offer insurance because they are liable to pay a tariff based on loss or damage. While basic insurance is free of charge, it isn’t enough when you are moving long distances. To safeguard your belongings, make sure to get full value insurance or ask about third party insurance options to your chosen best movers.

In-Home Surveys

In-home surveys are important, since they are the only way with which the moving company representative can analyze your move and provide you with more accurate and binding estimates. However, this won’t work if you hide things from your estimator, make sure to show all the belongings including your garage and attic. If you are planning to sell or donate a few items, make sure to inform your movers regarding change of inventory. Also, explain the movers all your moving requirements like no elevator, hoisting required etc pertaining at both your current home and new home. The more details you provide, the more accurate quotes you are bound to get.

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We recommend you to obtain at least 3-5 moving quotes online from the professional long distance movers to compare the services and prices offered and choose the best moving company that suits your moving budget and customized moving requirements.

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