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Let’s say you and your neighbor are both planning to move. You both live in the same sized home. But when both of you requested moving company quotes online from a reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder, they have received a much better deal. You are probably disappointed and shocked to discover this and are probably wondering if you are being ripped off. But wait a minute, just because your move looks similar to your neighbors doesn’t mean they are the same. Let’s have a look at all the probable reasons why your quote could differ from your neighbor.

Size of the Move

Professional moving companies don’t just pluck out moving company quotes out of thin air. They consider many facets of your move and then figure out how much to charge. Let’s have a look at how much do movers cost? Local movers cost depend on the number of hours it takes to complete the move, while long distance movers base their moving cost on the weight of your belongings and the distance to be covered. So, perhaps you have more things to move than your neighbor? However, Below are the Most Obvious Reasons Why You Would Receive Expensive Moving Company Quotes Online.

Location of Your Destination

Where are you moving to? And where is your neighbor destination? Unless both of you are moving to the same area, your moving distance of the move will differ from your neighbors. So, the reason why you were charged more could be because your new house is located further away than your neighbor’s new house is. 

Additional Moving Services

Have you requested any extra services like packing or disassembling of your furniture? Or you have requested the movers to pack only certain valuable items? Perhaps you have a piano or any other special items which need special handling while moving or they may require special care while they are in transit? Well, all these services will cost you extra. Chances are your neighbor has requested fewer extra services than you and accordingly received his quote.

Access to Your Property

Can movers access both your new old and home new easily? Is it the same as your neighbors? If your house, new or old, is more difficult to get to then this could lead to further expenses as well which adds up to your moving quote.

Moving Date

Are you moving on a weekend or on a public holiday whereas your neighbor has chosen to move on a weekday? Your moving date also impacts your moving cost, for certain months (like May to September), weekends, public holidays, and even the first of the month since most leases begin at this time are considered peak days for movers and hence they charge more.

Moversfolder Can Help You Find Cheap Movers Near You!

Now you know what influences moving quotes, you can be sure that you get the best possible moving company quotes when you choose Moversfolder. Whether you are looking for local movers or cheap long distance movers, you can find them in our network. Most importantly, all the movers in Moversfolder’s network are licensed and insured, so you won’t have a thing to worry about their legitimacy.

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