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When you think of long distance moving, what is the first nerving thing that pops into your mind? You are probably lying if you say it isn’t the Cost of moving. Your hard earned money is on the table, so of course you are looking for a few measures to reduce the long distance moving cost. With this guide, learn some ways and means to reduce moving costs by getting long distance moving quotes online.

Plan your Moving Budget

When it comes to moving, simple planning can go a long way. Begin with establishing a moving budget and then try to stick to it. This should include all the probable moving expenses, including the cost of hiring professional movers. Before getting long distance moving quotes online, know the following things.

  • The approx weight of all your belongings. The more it weighs, the more will your move cost, so declutter and remove all the useless and unwanted stuff.
  • The area of your current home, as well as your destination.
  •  Know the route of the move before actually deciding on the moving company. Find out the shortest route.
  • Fix the date and time when you want to carry out the move.
  • Know all your Packing and Unpacking requirements.

Subsidize your Budget with Long Distance Moving Quotes Online

Choose a reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder to collect free moving quotes from the best long distance movers in your area. Then compare and contrast the quotes based on the services and prices offered by various full service moving companies. Along with the moving prices, there might be a few additional charges  that you may require to complete your move. These usually includes

  • Packing & Unpacking.
  • Long walk from the truck to the house.
  • Extra charges for heavy and special items like Piano or pool table or antique furniture.
  • Shuttle Service.
  • Extra charge for disassembling or reassembling furniture and other devices.
  • Hoisting services

Long distance movers usually base their quotes either on the weight of your belongings or volume of your belongings. So, while comparing the quotes, make sure you are comparing similar types of quotes. Also, consider the quote based on weight since it is a standard. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions in each quote too. Only after comparing and analysing all aspects of moving quotes you will be able to save substantially for your move.

Decide the Right Time to Move

Moving has many constraints as it is time-bound. However, you can save greatly, if your move is not urgent and are ready to plan your move during off-season (between October and April, due to weather conditions). If possible, avoid the following times 

  • Summer ( even mid months are busy)
  • Holidays
  • Weekends
  • First 2-3 days and last week of every month

Plan for Additional Charges

Moving long distance is unpredictable. Even though your movers work hard and are reliable, sometimes there may be unavoidable situations which could cause delays. So, be prepared in advance to spend for the hotel room, when your belongings are in transit or no utility at your new house or any such service.

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