Long Distance Movers Quotes

Hiring a moving company that offers you the cheapest moving company quote may leave you with a surprisingly different and higher moving bill on the moving day. This is why it is very important to hire reliable and professional long distance movers whom you can trust with your belongings for the moving job. To effectively compare long distance movers quotes, it is important that you collect at least 3 or more moving quotes online. While comparing, make sure the following factors thoroughly to ensure that you are hiring the best movers.

Weight or Volume of Shipment

Long Distance movers base their estimates either on the weight of your belongings or volume of your household goods and the distance. And no matter how thorough you are in describing your stuff, you probably can’t entirely trust a moving company quote offer on the phone. To get accurate moving quotes it is important that you ask your movers to conduct a visual inspection of your belongings. If a mover hesitates or refuses to conduct an in-house survey, it’s a red flag and you need to ask for genuine reason and put them last in your considered movers list.

While comparing multiple quotes, note that whether all of them are based on the same measure only (either on weight or volume). Next thing that you need to check is the considered weight of belongings. Note what weight is considered by each mover and how it is influencing the moving rates.

Packing Materials & Services

Next factor that you need to note on long distance movers quotes, is what they are charging for packing services and whether charges of packing materials are included separately. You can even self pack most of your belongings with the help of our experts moving hacks and tips.

Additional Moving Services

There are plenty of moving services that you may require to finish your move, which you may not be completely aware of. For example, did you know you have to pay an extra fee for disassembly and reassembly of furniture or handling your bulky items like a pool table or baby grand piano or boats (which may require specialty movers with special handling equipments) etc., or if the movers cannot park their moving truck close enough to your doorsteps, you will be charged a long carry fee? All these additional prices are called hidden charges. Make sure to check for them in the long distance movers quotes while comparing them.

Moving Insurance

While comparing long distance movers quotes, make sure to check what type of liability coverage they are offering. With Bill of Lading, you automatically get Basic Limited Liability Protection, which provides meagre coverage 60 cents per pound per item, which is certainly not enough to protect your belongings. For a long distance move, you require proper insurance like Full Value Protection, in which the moving company is liable to reimburse the replacement value of any damaged or lost items.

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