Cheapest Way to Move Locally

Planning a local move and want to save big bucks while moving? Well, then  While it is certainly not a pleasant experience and you will have to put in a lot of time and effort, by moving yourself you will certainly be able to save substantially on your move. According to AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association), the average moving cost to move locally is around $2300, which is surely not cheap. However, if you do have any special item like a piano, hot tub, heavy appliance or bulky furniture items, it is recommended to hire professional local movers to move them.

To get started with DIY move and to make it a bit easier, have a look at the following tips:

1) Rent a Moving truck or Moving Container

First thing you need to do is rent a moving truck of appropriate size as per your move. For example, if you are moving a four-bedroom home, you will require a 26 ft. moving truck. The cost of renting a truck will be based on the length of time you rent the truck and any add-on services that require. Remember, even though they are the cheapest way to move locally, their tariff increases with demand, so if you are planning to move during summer, then make sure to book them well ahead of time.

If you are moving for the first time or not confident about driving a heavily loaded truck, then you should consider renting a moving container. You will still have to manage packing, loading and unloading, but the company will take care of driving for you and will drop the container at your new doorstep for you to load at origin and unload at destination. While they are more expensive than renting a moving truck, they are worth it since they safely and securely deliver your belongings right at your doorsteps.

2) Rent Moving equipment

To make sure you don’t injure yourself while moving, it is important that you rent all the necessary moving equipment to help you on moving day. You can rent furniture pads, furniture dollies, heavy-duty appliance dollies and other such equipment with your truck rental company.

3) Enlist Help for your Move

A DIY move doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Moving is a tough job and trying to handle it all by yourself to lead to damage to yourself or your belongings. So, ask your friends and family or hire moving labour who is dependable and trustworthy to help you with your moving tasks like packing, loading and unloading etc.

4) Start Early on the Moving Day

Even if you are moving locally, you should start your move on moving day as early as possible. Try to finish loading and get on the road by mid-morning, so you can beat the heat and even avoid the rush hour commute. With an early start, you will also be able to unload and start unpacking in your new home before dark.

Trust Experienced Local Movers to Help you Move!

From strained muscles to bad weather, plenty of things can get wrong on a moving day. Professional local movers have experienced dealing with any kind of last-minute emergency. This is even though they are quite expensive, they are worth it if you want to ensure a hassle-free move. To find the best deal from reliable local movers near you, fill out a simple form at Moversfolder and get free moving companies quotes right in your inbox. Compare these quotes and save up to 40% on your upcoming move.

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