Cheapest Way to Move Across Country

Moving across the country is expensive and soaring moving costs can certainly put a lot of pressure on a family budget. This is why a lot of us look for the cheapest way to move across country. But due to the complexity of the move, you cannot just hire any amateur or mediocre moving service provider. The trick is to find both affordable and quality service. Here are a few tips which will help you in doing so.

1) Find Affordable Cross Country Movers

Hiring cross country movers is not cheap, but by investing some time and effort, you can find a mover that offers high quality moving services along with an affordable and fair price. Hiring such movers will prove to be your cheapest way to move across country when they efficiently handle your move and thereby pay off tenfold when your relocation is over.

But how do you begin your search for such affordable movers? Well, you can ask your friends and family to see if they know any cross country mover that offers outstanding services. But not everyone knows someone who has recently moved across the country. So, your next best option is to search the internet, which offers both reliable and fraudulent movers. To make sure you hire only the licensed and insured moving companies, visit reliable online moving platforms like Moversfolder. The process is extremely simple. All you have to do is provide your moving details and all the professional moving companies that can cater to your move will reply to you with their free moving quotes. Compare these quotes and shortlist a bunch of movers that match your needs and budget.

2) Compare And Choose The Best Moving Quote

The cheapest way to move across country entirely relies on you taking practical, informed and timely decisions. So, your next step is to get accurate moving quotes from the shortlisted movers. Contact movers for the accurate cross country moving quotes and ask them to come over to your place and conduct an in-home inspection of all your belongings to be moved. This will allow the movers to give you precise estimates of the price you will be asked to pay in the end. Make sure you get these quotes in writing and are binding in nature.

Next, compare these binding estimates and make up your mind after comparing carefully the quoted rates, listed moving services along with considering the reputation of the company. If in case, you get several excellent offers that fit your budget, then talk to the movers and trust your gut to pick up the winning one.

3) Smart Scheduling Your Move

One of the cheapest way to move across country is to schedule your moving day during the off-peak season. This off-peak season starts from the month of September and lasts till May. During this period, the majority of local and national moving companies offer more affordable rates with quality moving services.

4) Try Your Negotiations Skills

The last tip to lower the overall moving costs is to try to negotiate a better deal with your chosen cross country mover. Begin with inquiring about any ongoing promotions that you can benefit from. Next try to get a discount of any sort, for example, early booking discount, off-season discounts etc. Lastly, ask the movers directly for a few money saving tips to reduce overall moving costs.

Find & Hire Cheap Cross Country Movers at Moversfolder!

Moving across the country on a tight budget is possible. It’s the way of your thinking that matters the most. So switch into cost-saving mode and choose Moversfolder for your upcoming move. So,  compare free moving quotes online and save up to 40% on your moving cost.

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