Cheapest Cross Country Movers

You are moving across the country and you have researched and shortlisted a few cheapest cross country movers, and to make your final decision you need to check their credibility. How would you do that? Simple,  have them visit your home so they can see what items you want to be moved, as well as other moving services that you will require, and give you a binding estimate based on that. This is also the time to ask a few questions to the moving company representative which will tell you how caring and meticulous the moving company is.

Check How Long Cheapest Cross Country Movers Been Around

You have searched for the cross country movers who has offered you the cheapest deal. One simple way to gauge their credibility is to check how long they have been providing moving services. If they are in business, say for over 10 years, then it is usually a good sign they are doing something right and they have been providing decent service to their customers. Don’t just base your decision on this parameter, but it is a good insight and should be considered.

Ask How Long they have been Giving Moving Company Quotes?

Since this is a cross country move, the prices depend on the weight of your belongings. So, to get accurate in-home binding quotes you want the moving company representative to be someone who has been doing this for a while. So, ask about their experience and background. Check whether they were working in the aspect of the moving process before being an estimator. The more experience the estimator has, the more accurate the quote you would receive.

What Pricing & Moving Insurance Coverage do They Offer?

You can learn a lot about the moving company representative by checking how knowledgeable he or she seems, and how inclined they are to take the time to explain to you your options. So, ask them about your pricing options, or moving insurance policies and coverage. If they are being vague or if they rush through the explanation or how it might apply to your move, then you should be a bit concerned.

Check Your Delivery Schedule

You are moving across the country, so you want a realistic answer to this question. It can be difficult to provide you with a precise day, so most long distance movers will ask for the option of a couple of days for the delivery period. So, if the cheapest cross country movers whom you are considering provide you with delivery dates that seem just a bit too good to be true, then you need to be cautious of them.

How Will They Handle (Fill in the Blank)?

You certainly want your expensive and treasured heirloom or piano to reach your new home without any damage. So, make sure to ask the movers how they will handle these items. If you are planning to move a few of these items into storage, you will want to know about their handling procedures, as well as if there are any additional costs for this service. When you ask this question to your movers, they should give you a thoughtful and complete answer. This shows that they care about the customer and their possessions.

Use Moversfolder & Find Easy the Best Cross Country Movers

One simple way to avoid scammers is to hire movers from a reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder. With this network, you can find the most competent full-service movers to reliable yet cheapest cross country movers. All you have to do is fill up a simple online form, get free moving company quotes and get started.

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