Cheap Out of State Movers

While starting over in a new home in a new state is exciting, packing your life into small, cardboard boxes and moving them to another state is not fun. However, when you hire reliable and cheap out of state movers, they can accommodate your relocation in three easy steps.

Organizing & Planning your Moving Needs

The most important part of every move is organizing and planning the move. To find cheap out of state movers, the first step is to get free moving quotes online and compare them. 

Even though you are on a budget, don’t trust the lowest bid offered. Make sure to research all the long distance movers and only when you are sure about their credibility, ask them to conduct a visual inspection of your goods and provide you with a binding quote.  

When the moving company representative visits your home, make sure to question them about everything from cost for moving services and packing materials, insurance valuations, household goods relocation, dates for pick-up and delivery that best fits your schedule, to any further specific details that you may require. 

Only after you are satisfied with their services offered and prices, hire them for your move. One important tip and top ways on how to save on your moving cost is to schedule your move during non-peak season, which is generally during the fall and winter. 

Documents Presented by Cheap Out of State Movers

At the time of loading, the driver will present a Bill of Lading to you, which details the transportation services and charges. The Bill of Lading also authorizes the carrier to transport your household goods and belongings, therefore your signature is required. Make sure to read it carefully before signing it. 

The driver will also provide you with a copy of a completed Household Goods Descriptive Inventory list of items that are included in the shipment with a brief note of the condition of the items at the time of loading. This Inventory list also requires your signature. On a moving day, if additional services were incurred during the loading process, then the cheap out of state movers will add an Addendum to Shipping Documents and provide you with a copy for your records upon signing for approval.

Delivery and Unloading of your Belongings

Most reliable and cheap out of state movers have policies to collect full payment upon delivery prior to unloading your household goods and belongings. Make sure to know their accepted mode of the payment beforehand.

As for unloading, always make sure to have a person accompany the movers to compare the inventory list with the items that are being delivered, as well as, to keep you informed of the condition of the items at the time of unloading.

Get Moving Quotes Online from Best Interstate Movers

To make sure that you get the best price and services, always seek out moving company quotes from multiple movers. To find a reliable and trustworthy cheap out of state movers, check out Moversfolder’s extensive network of movers. Getting a free moving quote using this platform is extremely easy and free of cost. All the moving companies in Moversfolder are licensed and insured, so you can have peace of mind that your move will be in good hands.

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