How Much Does it Cost to Move Across Country

Cheap or Expensive, How Much Does it Cost to Move Across Country?

Moving across the country is quite a bit different than moving from one place in a city to another place in the same city or close to it. A cross country move requires a lot of time and effort, you need to organize things and plan for the chaos that a cross country move brings with it. It can be confusing to figure out all of the things that you need to take care of along with finding out and the main question that doesn’t let you sleep peacefully is how much does it cost to move across country. Let’s have a look at what your moving options are and what will they cost you.

Trash everything you don’t need

First and foremost, sort out your belongings and throw anything that isn’t important or doesn’t bring joy to you anymore. Conduct a garage sale or list your old heavy furniture on craigslist and enjoy the double bonus of earning some extra cash as well as not having to move them anymore. Don’t get emotional, declutter everything from unused clothes to ratty furniture to the old lamp.

Plan a budget for your move

Moving Cross Country is expensive, So make your moving budget not just for the actual cost of moving like hiring movers or renting a truck, but also consider various other costs like, charges of multiple cross-country flights, stocking up on your groceries, house essentials, and basics when you reach to your new home, the cost of replacing or repairing items damaged during the move and other such unexpected moving costs.

Choosing between various DIY modes 

If you are considering shipping your belongings, then AmTrak, UPS, and FedEx don’t allow you to ship furniture. You can ship anything breakable as well. Shipping your belongings is recommended only for small loads and not for large-scale operations. If you are considering renting a moving truck, then along with putting in a lot of time and effort or packing, loading and driving, factor in gas, lodging, and food costs for your journey. If you have a vehicle and are planning to move along with a trailer, then consider whether or not you’ll feel safe. As for how much does it cost to move across the country, It only costs an average of $3000 to rent a truck or trailer, load and drive it.

Your best ways to move across the country for a DIY move is to consider Portable moving containers that you can pack and load and the moving is done for you. Their prices depend on what size you choose but they still beat out the stress and cost of other modes of moving. And the average cost to move across country for container services could be approximately $4,500.

Consider Cross Country Moving Companies

The most expensive, how much does it cost to move across country by hiring a reliable and affordable cross country movers? Firstly, decide what your moving needs are whether you require full-service movers or partial-service and begin your hunt for the best movers. Moving companies can charge anything starting from $1,000 per room up to $7,500 to cover full-service moving experience.

Also, moving companies often are booked months in advance, so if you want to choose the day of the move and not have to worry about working around the mover’s schedule, then make sure that you find and choose your movers fast.

To find the best cross country movers, get free moving quotes from Moversfolder. Compare moving quotes from multiple companies and find the optimal level of moving service and price for your needs.

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