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Moving industry is one among the consumer industry with the highest number of grievances. A lot of unsuspecting homeowners get scammed every year because they are just trying to get a good deal. However, there are certain guidelines in place which will help you from separating professional cheap long distance movers from scammers. Getting answers to the following questions will help you pick the right and ethical mover.

Find out if the Prospective Cheap Long Distance Movers Belong to Organizations like AMSA?

American Moving & Storage Association or AMSA is a moving organization that represents many top-rated moving companies.  You can even find a searchable list of companies in your area at AMSA website. Every Mover who is a member of AMSA is required to follow “Code of Ethics” and fair business practices or they can lose their credibility. However, remember, membership with AMSA is not mandatory, and so if a moving company is a member, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is good or bad.

Does the Long Distance Movers Carry Workers Compensation?

By law, all professional moving companies are required to carry worker’s compensation. This is a form of insurance which means the moving company’s employees are covered and protected while working at your home. A lot of scam moving companies will not go the length to register their business with Workers Compensation. So, while hiring cheap long distance movers, make sure they have this form of insurance because if they don’t, you will become liable for the employee’s injury.

Does the Moving Company Offer Replacement Value Protection on Damaged items?

Replacement Value Protection will add up to your moving cost but if anything goes wrong during the move, it offers much higher reimbursement on your personal belongings than basic coverage. Learn about all your moving insurance options beforehand. Getting this coverage is not mandatory, but it’s a good sign if the cheap long distance movers you are considering offers this option.

Does Long Distance Moving Companies Subcontract Any of its Services?

This is one of the most important questions when it comes to long distance moves. Ask the long distance movers directly who will be handling your belongings through all the stages of the move and even storage if required. If they use subcontractors, get their details and do primary research on them.  Subcontracting the work doesn’t necessarily mean the company is bad, but they need to be honest about them and should use subcontractors with a good reputation. If they are hiding this fact or using sub-standard subcontractors, then it is better if you avoid them, no matter what deal they are offering.

Get Free Movers Quotes from Moversfolder!

To get the anxiety out of your move, get at least 3-4 moving quotes, compare them and do some research about the long distance moving companies before considering them. Moversfolder is entirely equipped to help you with this task. All you need to do is fill out a simple form with your moving details and you can get free moving company quotes from multiple movers right in your inbox. To support your research, you can easily find all the moving company details along with customer reviews in the profile section of each mover right at Moversfolder.

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