Cheap Local Moving Companies

Choosing reliable and proficient local movers is a tough task. No one wants to choose a fraudulent moving company and experience a disastrous move. But with so many moving companies around, how can you be sure that the cheap local moving companies you come across are competent and trustworthy? Here are five pointers which will help you in researching, discerning and finding the best and most affordable local movers for your upcoming relocation.

1. Check How Long the Moving Company is in Business

If the moving company is offering you cheap moving quotes, make sure you check how long they have been in the moving industry. As many new local movers tend to give low moving costs, but they might not have skilled moving crew or equipment required for your move. This doesn’t mean all new local movers are scammers, but it is really hard to say whether any new cheap local moving companies are credible or not. This is why they follow a simple rule of thumb to hire a local moving company that has at least a few years of experience into the moving industry. Whether you are planning a small or a big move, it is important to find how old the moving company is.

2. Licensed & Insurance of Cheap Local Moving Companies

In case the moving company is not licensed or insured, then there is a big risk to your belongings. While local movers would obtain local state license and long distance movers are required to have USDoT number (United States Department of Transportation). Many states have their own regulating agency or mandate, local movers, to be on file with regional travel authorities. Get the movers license number from their website or ask them directly, then cross-check them as per your state’s requirement. You can also check the local BBB to find track record history and complaints against the movers you are considering to hire.

3.  Offered Moving Services

It is important to know what moving services have been offered to you in online moving quotes. Many moving companies offer quotes for full service right from packing to moving to unpacking your belongings at your new home. If there are any special items, then make sure the mover has the right equipment for moving them. If you want to add or remove any moving service from the quotes, then ask them to customise the quote. Now you can self assess here about how much do movers cost for your personalized moving requirements.

4. Check Online Reviews & Ratings

Before you choose cheap local moving companies, read reviews about them from their past customers. You can easily check complaint history by visiting or Moversfolder for ratings and reviews or any other social media platforms. Customers usually have a habit of saying bad or good things about their moving experience, so by checking reviews you can get a broad perspective on what a moving company will be like.

5. Ask About Move Handling Equipment

There are a number of services offered by a moving company, ask whether they have all the move handling equipment. Moreover, if you have more stuff, ensure the local mover has a large moving truck instead of using small trucks with multiple rounds.

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Once you pin down your moving requirements, choose a reliable moving platform like Moversfolder (an online moving portal for all your local or long distance moving & storage needs) to find the cheap local movers for your move. Avail free moving companies quotes from the pre-screened, licensed and insured movers and experience a smooth and hassle-free move.

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