Best Way to Move Long Distance

Whether you are planning to move cross country or a few hundred miles away, you certainly need professional long distance movers along with a few moving tips to find the best way to move long distance and make your move affordable and smooth. From the day you find out that you are moving, to the day you finally reach the new place you don’t want to miss even a single beat. For a small local move, you can probably handle it by putting everything in the back of your van and drive to your destination. But when it comes to long distance moving, you need to do a lot of planning and research.

The following Best ways to move long distance will help you remember things you require for a Successful Move!

1. Make a Plan as soon as you know that you are moving

You are about to move everything you have hundreds of miles away or across the country. This kind of enormous move requires proper planning. You cannot just move with the flow, you must write down every task of moving that you have to accomplish and compile a moving checklist. This ultimate moving into a new home checklist should be within a time frame and it will help you in every phase of the moving process.

2. Stay on Schedule

Now that you have planned on how to proceed, you have to stay in the schedule too. It is better to set up scheduled reminders on your phone or schedule chunks of time in your calendar for moving tasks. When you follow a strict schedule, you are ready for a stress-free move.

3. Get Multiple in-home Moving Estimates

Since you are moving cross country, you have to do everything to find a reputable moving company. The most important part of your moving process is getting free moving company quotes from at least three moving companies. You can do this easily with the help of Moversfolder, wherein you will find only licensed and insured movers. Compare the quotes received on the basis of price, service offered and reliability.

Once you shortlist them, contact them to conduct an in-home survey. It is vital to have a home survey 3-4 weeks before moving day, the earlier is better. Make sure to show every nook and cranny to the moving estimator so that they can provide you with accurate and binding moving estimates.

4. Hire a Professional Moving Company

When it comes to the best way to move long distance, the first thing that comes to mind is hiring a reputable and affordable moving company. After you get in-home binding estimates, read the quotes thoroughly, compare them, negotiate with the movers and only then hire the best and trustworthy moving company. Though affordability is the main concern, remember a  cheap mover might not be the best option. Research every aspect of movers completely so that you don’t end up getting into a scam when you are moving a hundred miles away.

5. Purchase Moving Insurance

Whether you have less number or more valuable items, make sure you are aware of what your insurance covers and what it does not. Ask your moving company representative about the liability coverage. Remember moving companies usually provide limited insurance coverage, so if you have many fragile and valuable possessions, then it is better to buy a comprehensive insurance plan.

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