Reliable Movers

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving is a lot of work and stress. From getting everything organized to packing up the boxes, it’s a major headache. To handle your move, you certainly want to hire reliable movers and not some novice. Ask them these questions and depending on their answers, choose the best moving company for your move.  

Begin with Getting Moving Quotes Online

Once you are sure about your move, start your hunt for reliable movers. The best way to do it is by visiting a moving platform like Moversfolder. Just enter your moving details via an online form and get free moving quotes from multiple professional moving companies. After collecting the quotes, compare them on the basis of price, services offered, and after reviewing terms and conditions. You should also check customer review of these movers which you can find right at After making a shortlist of movers, contact them to conduct an in-home survey so that they can give you accurate binding quotes.

Make sure that everything that needs to be moved is shown to the movers during the survey. Also, Give the mover accurate information about the location of your old and new home.

Get Answers to These Questions from Reliable Movers

Here are a few preliminary questions, that you need to ask the movers to learn their reliability.

  • Does the company have US-Dot number?
  • Is the company insured? What are their insurance provider details?
  • Are they members of reputed moving organizations like AMSA?
  • Does the company have its own moving crew and equipment,  or will they be using sub-contractors?  
  • What is their record like? Get references.
  • Ask long distance movers about who will be providing moving services, such as unpacking, claims settlement, and storage at the end of the move?
  • Check with the movers, whether they have a Workers’ Compensation Board certificate? You certainly do not want to end up paying for any employee injuries during the move.

Get Some More Details

Once you are sure about the reliability of Movers, it’s time to ask these questions about finalising the move.

  • If you are planning to pack yourself, ask about liability?
  • Can any sturdy boxes from other places like a grocery store be used?
  • Should every packed box be sealed and labelled?
  • Are there special seasonal rates, discounts or any other factors that may affect the cost of the move and you can benefit from? Moving between October and June, or at mid-month can be less expensive as compared to others.
  • Is any deposit required?  Is it refundable? Make sure to clarify modes of payment at the outset.

Replacement Value Protection

Understanding the cost of Replacement Value Protection from the movers. All reliable movers will explain how Replacement Value Protection works.

Basically, it means the mover agrees to be legally liable up to an amount. This amount is the declared valuation and it represents the value of your property being moved.  Make sure this declared valuation is enough to replace all of your belongings. Also, make sure to check you get Replacement Value Protection and NOT depreciated value only. While complete details can be found in movers quotes, however, make sure to ask,

  • Does the coverage include the goods packed by you?
  • Ask the mover about how to make a claim? And what is the time limit or how soon should you be making a claim?
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