Movers for Hire

When you are looking for movers for hire to make your upcoming move a hassle-free experience? Then, it is always important to do some research about the moving company before you sign the moving agreement contract. The right moving company will take care of your belongings from the day you sign a contract till the day your moving truck is unloaded and even unpacked (if you choose to get the service) at your new house.

Here are a few important tips that you can follow when looking for the movers for hire:

Ask your Friends or Relatives for References

When it is about finding a moving company, start getting recommendations from people whom you trust. Your friends and relatives will be able to provide you with better suggestions about moving companies and they can easily give you inklings about certain movers that you should avoid.

Get In-Home Survey and Written Moving Estimates

Having in-home written moving estimates will ensure that the moving costs estimated are as accurate as possible. It also gives you a chance to ask all your queries to the moving company representative and understand the moving services in depth when you schedule an on site survey for your household belongings that needs to be transported.

Be Upfront with your Moving Company Estimator

Be sure that you show the moving company estimator every corner, each furniture item and belongings that you are planning to move so that you could get accurate moving estimates possible. Else on the moving day, the movers may charge you extra for any items that were initially not estimated during the physical inspection.

Inquire About Additional Services

No one wants to deal with extra charges and surprises on the moving day, so make sure you ask about additional moving charges such as haul charges, flight charges, assembling and disassembling of furniture and many more that could be added in your final moving costs. Make sure you know about hidden charges that might add to your moving costs.

Consider Using Packing Services

If you are like most of the people, you probably don’t want to do the tedious task of packing yourself. So, find the full service movers for hire that offer packing and moving services. This option will give you peace of mind and take the stress out and you can concentrate more on other important matters other than moving.

Talk About Insurance Coverage

Ask about moving insurance coverage policies for your belongings and don’t forget to take details in writing from the moving company you are considering to hire especially when you are moving to another state.

Check References

A professional moving company must be proud and sure about their reputation in the market. They will not hesitate to give you references. You can also check the reviews and feedback of previous clients, and read about their experience online. Be sure to check the reputation, as it is an important factor in deciding the movers to have a successful move.

Experience Counts

It is always tempting to hire a mover that offers you cheap prices but before that, you should be aware of the fact that like other industries even moving industry is full of unethical movers who do not have experience, try to find those movers for hire who are licensed, insured and have reasonable experience in the moving industry.

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Hiring a professional moving company will make your move simple and stress-free, but you should take out some time to do research and hire one of the best movers around you. Moversfolder can help you with this task and save your time and up to 40% on the average moving costs, you would not only find the verified moving and storage moving companies, but can also get instant free moving quotes online without any obligation from your end. 

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