Cheap Long Distance Movers

Moving isn’t easy and it can be easy to make errors. From planning to hiring cheap long distance movers, people tend to make the same types of mistakes. Here’s how to avoid making them.

Having No Plan: There are plenty of tasks that need to be coordinated while moving. Without having a solid plan in place, you wouldn’t know what needs to be done and how should you go forward to ensure a smooth move.

Having No budget: There is no doubt that moving is expensive. And if you are not careful, your moving expenses can touch the stratosphere! So, make sure to discern what moving services you require, what are their costs and how these costs fit into your budget. Also, make sure to include travel to your new home, storage cost, auto transport, temporary living expenses, etc. 

Ignoring the Moving Season: Most reliable and cheap long distance movers get very busy in the summer. This is why you need to plan ahead so you will have more options and more negotiating leverage. To get the best deal, try planning your move during the winter and during the second and third weeks of the month.

Not Getting Quotes from Multiple Cheap Long Distance Movers: The surest way to make your move into a disaster is by hiring the first movers you find and paying them hefty for substandard services. To avoid this it is important to shop around for long distance movers. Visit a reliable online platform like Moversfolder and get free moving quotes from the best movers near you. This platform promotes healthy competition between moving companies. So, compare these quotes, get all the information to make the right comparison and make the right choice for you.

Choosing a Moving Company that Substantially Undercuts Others: Even though you want to hire cheap long distance movers, you certainly don’t want to hire scammers. There are plenty of unethical movers who try to lure you with extremely low moving quotes. On the other hand, there are reliable long distance movers who offer low rates by offering you discounts or due to some promotional campaign they are running. So to avoid scammers watch for two things: their moving company quotes aren’t based on the same set of criteria i.e, weight, men and hours needed, etc., like their competitors, or, there are hidden moving costs which they will charge you at the end of your move.

Not Getting a Binding Estimate: Never trust a verbal phone estimate. Always ask your hiring movers to conduct an in-home estimate and provide you with written binding estimates. Your binding quote will indicate what services you will be receiving and how much you will be paying for them. Read them properly and if you don’t understand or feel comfortable with the estimate, don’t sign it.

Not Understanding your Insurance Options: Moving is unpredictable and even with the most seasoned movers, things can and often do go wrong. Your cheap long distance movers will provide you released value protection but it is certainly not enough. So if you have expensive items that you are moving, make sure to ask your movers about supplemental insurance. 

Not Transporting Your Most Valuable Items Yourself: Always your important documents such as passports, wills, and financial documents etc., must be carried by you. Other high-value items such as jewelry and watches, laptops or any other precious gadget that can be easily transported should also be hand-carried. If you have an especially valuable item such as an antique or artwork, make sure that you supervise the packing or entrust them on specialty movers. In any case, make sure all valuable items are sufficiently covered.

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