Short Distance Movers

Moving to a new place can be tiring in many ways, physically, financially and emotionally. There is always a debate about whether to hire short distance moving companies or do it yourself. To help you with the dilemma, here are six advantages of hiring professional short distance moving companies for your move.

1. You Can Leave your Packing Job to the Professionals

Packing alone has accountability for some percentage of your moving costs. This is certainly a significant number. If you don’t manage it properly, not only will it increase your moving costs, but it will also consume a lot of your time. This is why it is better to hire short distance moving companies.

First, they are well-trained professionals for packing, who know how many moving boxes would you need to pack up all your belongings, what type of packing materials do you require, whether any of your furniture needs disassembly before moving them. Secondly, packing is not just about throwing all your stuff in boxes. Your fragile items need special care while packing them which you might not be aware of. Along with this, professional movers are trained to pack efficiently and quickly, which probably would take you weeks.

2. Know-How About the Locality

Even if you are moving locally, you might not be completely aware of your locality and routes of your new location. Short distance moving companies, on the other hand, are well aware of all routes of your local areas. Understanding routes is an important part of moving since it ensures that all your belongings are transported safely within the stipulated time frame.

3. Belongings are Safe and Insured

Let’s face it, professional movers are expert in moving as they have more experience. Your belongings security is the paramount concern of movers, but accidents happen. When you are moving yourself or with the help of your friends, it is only you who is liable for all the loss or damage incurred during the move. And what happens if you or any of your friends get injured?  But when you hire movers, with workmen’s compensation and liability insurance, you can depend on movers to cover you should an accident occur during the move. 

4. Movers Use the Right Equipment

The approach of doing it yourself is fine. However, a borrowed truck from your friend does not come with all the equipment that you may require to handle your belongings safely. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to hire professional movers. They have all the right equipment like ramps, dollies, furniture sliders etc. specially designed for moving belongings securely.

5. Straight Forward Moving Company Quotes

Ideally, there are no hidden moving costs in moving quotes when you hire short distance moving companies. Their charges are based on the number of hours they are spending on your moving. However, if you have any additional or special requirements like moving speciality items which may take extra time then make sure to discuss it with your movers before hiring them.

6. Flexible Storage Facilities

What if you are ready to move but you haven’t received the keys to your new house yet due to some reason? Short distance moving companies will provide you with storage facilities for overnight, short term or even long term. Of course, additional charges are applied for it, but they ensure that your belongings are safe and under protection from any theft or damage.

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The benefits of hiring short distance moving companies may outweigh a do it yourself approach. So start planning your upcoming local move today with Moversfolder. Just fill out a simple form and get free moving quotes from multiple short distance movers near you. Compare these quotes and save up to 40% on your upcoming move.

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