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Whether you are moving locally or across the country, every move requires a lot of muscles along with a great deal of time to finish the hard job. Of course, hiring reliable moving and storage companies can make the job easier. However, a good sum of money is required to hire a professional moving crew that will guarantee a great job for your local or long distance move. With the simple google search, you can find plenty of movers who claim to be “affordable”. However, don’t trust blindly, you need to research the company thoroughly. Here are the 5 things you should consider when you’re looking for a moving company.

Moving License & Insurance

Only licensed and insured moving companies are legally bound to protect your belongings during the move. Every long-distance mover must have a US-DoT number which they get after registering with the U.S. Department of Transportation. You can easily verify this US-DoT number as well as insurance by searching the FMCSA database. Local movers, on the other hand, are regulated by their respective states. So, you can research intrastate licensing laws in your state. Alternatively, you can also search Business Bureau data and American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMovers List, and check if any complaints have been filed against the moving and storage companies you are considering.

Should be Able to Accommodate all your Moving Needs

Make sure the moving and storage companies you are considering can address all your moving needs. If you require packing and unpacking services, know whether they offer this service or not, if you have a piano, know whether your movers are equipped and skilled to move a piano or know. Make sure to ask the movers directly about all your packing, moving & storage needs.

Experienced & Professional Services

Make sure the moving and storage companies you are considering have good years of moving industry.  This is because such movers have gained experience across different cultures and disciplines so they can actually provide the best moving services to the most meticulous patron. On top of that, they should have well trained and seasoned moving crew along with equipment that is on par with the latest technology.

Reviews and Friends or Family Recommendations

Begin with asking your friends and family, and ask about their moving experiences and who they would recommend. They could probably recommend some really good moving companies and will even make you aware of any bad experience or incident they have faced.

Nowadays, most people leave online reviews if they’ve had a really good or a really bad experience.  Both of these will help you know the quality of services providers by moving and storage companies. You can easily read moving reviews at Moversfolder and learn about other people’s experiences with the movers.

Good Customer Service

The moving and storage companies you are considering should also offer good customer service. Their customer support reps must be well trained and should be able to answer every needed detail as well as accept requests. They should provide easily reachable contact numbers and email ids and be ready to address your queries at any time.

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