5 Signs you are working with bad long distance movers

Moving local, long distance or international is pretty complicated and frustrating. The first thing you will do is hiring of cheap long distance movers, as per your budget to handle it for you. While the right movers can reduce the stress of moving for you, but bad or fraudulent movers could cause you a lot of problems and you need to avoid them. Here are a few tips on recognizing the signs that you’re working with bad movers.


Lack of transparency

One of the biggest red flags when it comes to movers is the lack of transparency of information on them. Before hiring them you need to check if the company is registered at all since any reputable movers would register their company.


Sketchy Demeanor

You can do plenty of research online, and ask around, but there’s really nothing better than your own personal impression. You should interview your potential movers thoroughly and ask them all kinds of questions about their jobs and methods. If you find uneasy, unsure answers and sketchy behaviour then stay away from those movers.


Negative Online Reviews

In this day and age of the internet, you can use moving platforms like Moversfolder to find reviews on various moving companies. Positive feedback of customers is what you are looking for. However, some people leave bad online reviews for no reason, or for petty things, but if a moving company has consistently bad reviews then that’s one of the signs that you’re working with bad movers.

Unrealistic Prices

To make an informed choice you should compare moving estimates from at least three or four different movers. This will help you look at all the different services they offer and their prices, and you may notice any discrepancy if present. Like if a mover is offering very cheap rates, they are probably a bad mover. 

Instead of calling and getting moving quotes, you can choose to find reliable local, long distance or international movers at Moversfolder and get free moving quotes from them which you can later compare yourself  and decide any moving company of your choice.


Suspicious Minute Details

Finally, there are several minute details that you need to be aware of. Obvious details like lack of registered address or phone number or logo of the company and have unmarked trucks and vans. Or they are giving estimates on phone and refuse to visit your home for inspection. Refuses to give a binding contract or asks to pay huge deposits upfront, then avoiding these moving companies is probably a good idea.

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