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Moving whether it is local or long distance is a stressful affair. Many people often find moving extremely hectic and they tend to pounce on the first available movers they find. Because of lack of research, it is possible that the moving rates offered by your chosen mover may be higher than the average moving rate or that you are getting substandard services for the price you are paying. By comparing free moving quotes, you can not only get better deals but enjoy other benefits too.

Helps determine average moving rates

Reliable movers will generally have similar prices and by comparing multiple moving quotes, you will be able to know the average price in your location. So if a mover has quoted less than the average price, it is important to find out why. While this could be a marketing strategy offering discounts or it is possible that the quoted price is lower because the quality of their long-distance moving services is not up to the mark.

Will help plan your Moving Budget

Comparing multiple free moving quotes will not only let you understand the average moving rates but they will also help you to see if the budget you have decided for your move is realistic or not.  By comparing and studying prices of various movers and their services, you will know the fair and accurate amount you need to pay and not get overcharged by any mover.

Contains other pertinent information for comparing moving companies

While moving price is certainly a determining factor in choosing a mover, you should also consider factors like their level of experience, customer service, extra services like packing, hoisting, assembly and disassembly of furniture, long haul and many such services which you may require during the move and their respective charges. You could find all of these and compare each of them to find the right mover for you.

Helps avoid scams

Like any other industry, the moving industry also has both legitimate movers who comply with all the rules, regulations and follow ethical practices and illegitimate movers who take advantage of unsuspecting customers.  And when you are trying to locate the best movers to handle your belongings, it is important that you stay away from unethical movers.

When you obtain free moving quotes and compare them, you can find sleazy movers that lure customers with extremely low rates then hold their customer’s belongings captive in order to charge more.  You can also find out details of hidden charges or if certain movers are charging exorbitant rates by comparing moving estimates.

You can save your time and money 

By getting free Moving quotes, you will be able to save your time and money as it will remove all the hassle of contacting moving companies individually. Neither will you have to call them and explain your situation again and again or speak to their sales representative who will pressure you to use their moving services. By submitting your details on an online moving portal like Moversfolder all you have to do is literally compare the different pricing and services that get sent to your inbox and pick the moving company that offers the best deal for you!

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  1. I like how you said that long distance movers know how to lift and move heavy things without hurting themselves. My wife and I are going to be looking for homes across the country because I am getting a job transfer. We’ll have to make sure to hire someone to help us move because we are both getting older and I have a pretty bad back.

  2. It really helped me that this article mentioned that you should always check on the potential moving company’s level of experience or any extra services that they might offer before you make a choice. My husband’s mom is moving soon and because she lives pretty far away we will not be able to go and help her with the packing and loading all her things. We need to find a service in her area that could help her move the things that she has inside her apartment so we can make sure she will be well cared for.

  3. Well taking quotes of moving is far better than paying more charges by auto transport company however you need to know terms and conditions of various transport company which makes them affordable in price level.

  4. I like how you told people to get a bunch of moving quotes so that you can pay a fair amount for the move. I think a lot of people either just go with the first company they find or choose an expensive well-known company. Whenever I have to move, I’ll follow your advice and look through a bunch of companies and see their prices before deciding anything.

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  6. Thanks for the info. Whenever we are planning a move, the first thing we should consider is create a moving budget. Not being prepared in this segment could cost you more in the long-run.

  7. Thank you for influencing so many readers with your great information. Your article has sparked a lot of thought for me.

  8. I recently moved to a new place and hired a commercial moving company for the relocation purpose. I appreciate my thought in doing so as I think it saved me lot of effort. Thanks for this useful article.

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