Best Long Distance Moving Companies

5 Easy Steps to Select the Best Long Distance Moving Companies

Moving is stressful and choosing the right mover for the move who are trustworthy and experienced is important. To make sure you are not hiring a rogue mover and to keep your belongings from falling in the wrong hands, follow the below steps to choose and find the best long distance moving companies.

Get Binding Estimates

After shortlisting the movers, ask them to visit your place to conduct an inspection of your belongings and provide you a more accurate and binding estimate. If a mover refuses to conduct in-home survey then ask for a reason and remove them from your list if you are doubtful. Along with getting binding quotes, this is also the time to interview the moving company representative. Ask the movers regarding their industry experience, whether they have required equipment, whether they have a moving crew or they use subcontractors or any such question which will make sure that your possessions will be in good hands.

Compare Online Moving Quotes

The very first step you need to do while looking for the best long distance movers is to get moving quotes. You can ask your friends or family for recommendations or even choose to use a reliable moving platform like Moversfolder where you will find a large database of licensed and insured local movers, long distance moving companies and more at your fingertips. Just fill in a simple online form and get moving quotes online from them within minutes. You can also check the moving company’s details, services provided by them and customer reviews all at one place, which will further save your time. Compare these moving quotes and make a shortlist of movers which interest you and that match your needs.

Read Paperwork Carefully

Your mover will provide you Bill of Lading which is a formal contract between you and them. Read this document carefully, understand how the moving cost is calculated, what services are included and the dates specified. Understand all the terms and conditions and if you don’t understand anything, do not hesitate to ask your movers. Only when you agree with every little detail on the document, sign it.

Protect your Belongings

Your next step is to understand the options to protect your belongings. You can either go with valuation coverage or Moving Insurance. When you sign the bill of lading, you automatically get Valuation coverage whose liability is just 60 cents per pound per item. Your belongings are of course worth much more than that, so you should consider buying additional insurance for your household goods. Talk to your mover regarding this, they should be able to offer you adequate insurance themselves or from the third party. Either way, get a written record of the purchase.

Understand your Rights & Responsibilities

Your long distance movers are required by law to provide a copy of ‘Your Right and Responsibilities when you move’ which is a booklet prepared by the U.S Department of Transportation. This booklet contains all the vital information regarding your move like what to expect from the movers you have hired and what should you do if your goods are damaged or lost during transit. You can also get a digital copy of this booklet at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website. You should read this booklet to understand your rights before hiring a moving company for your relocation assistance.

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