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One of the most important aspects of hiring reliable local movers is getting and comparing local moving quotes. The success of your move and the price you pay will depend on the quote process. So make sure to be most prepared and pay as much attention as you can.

Your preliminary research to how much do local movers cost should begin with getting local moving quotes from a reliable moving platform like Moversfolder. Simply fill out a simple 1-minute form with your moving details and you can get free moving company quotes right in your inbox. By comparing these quotes, you will be able to understand the average moving prices in your area. And by combining it with basic research on the movers should give you a shortlist of 2 to 3 local moving companies which are reliable and that fit your moving needs and budget.

Unless you got a small move, it is recommended that you ask for in-home binding moving quotes and not just rely on phone or online movers quotes. Here are the 3 golden rules that you should remember.

Get Local Moving Quotes After In-home Survey

A lot of people are wary of letting strangers into their homes. But, when it comes to moving, it is important that you have a moving company estimator visit your home and inspect your belongings. This is the only way to ensure that you get the most accurate and fair price on your move. With an in-home inspection, the moving company representative can understand all your moving requirements correctly which isn’t always possible when you are getting a quote online or over the phone.

Show the Moving Estimator Everything You Want to Move

This is the most important step is getting the most accurate local moving quotes. Don’t be embarrassed to show all your stuff or gloss over your moving needs. Let the moving company representative see all your belongings from each room so that they can get a better understanding of what is required of them. Remember to show them all the forgettable places like your closets, attics, garages, and any other storage that isn’t in plain view. Also, let the moving company representative know if there is any additional moving service required from them at your new home like flight service, long haul services, hoisting services etc.

Get Moving Company Quotes in Writing

This is the most essential rule if you want to avoid any further problems during the move. After showing all your belongings and sharing all your moving requirements, make sure that everything you discussed with the moving company representative is written on the final moving quote that is presented to you. 

If the mover promises to do some additional services for you like packing or carrying your stuff through a flight of stairs, then it should be written and its prices should be clearly spelt out on the moving quote before you sign. A lot of times homeowners get burned because they are promised something verbally but it was not written in the moving quote or the final contract. The quote should also be binding in nature so the price won’t be changing after the contract is signed. Make sure to get an emailed moving quote as well as its original hard copy.

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