Florida Moving Companies

All in all, most reputable Florida moving companies, provide the same service at about the same cost. Where they differ is in the quality of service they provide. While the key to a great moving experience is the moving estimate, but how you can glean this information about reliability through the moving company quotes.

Moving Companies Vs Moving Brokers

Scam movers are notorious for giving you what I term the “non-binding estimate.” Meaning that they will only estimate your move over the internet or the phone, for an unusually low ball price. They will never visit your home to inspect your belongings. Reputable Florida moving companies will come to your home to give you a binding estimate. Sure, on the smaller, more routine moves, they may bid the move over the phone or internet, but NEVER for the larger ones.

To find licensed and insured Florida moving companies, visit Moversfolder. At this one-stop shop, you will find a huge network of reliable Florida movers, which you can access just by filling a simple online form with your moving requirements. Upon getting a refined list of movers that match your search criteria, request free local or interstate moving quotes as per your needs.

While you are conduction in-home survey, it is also the time when you can interview each potential mover. By asking the right questions and getting the answers from each mover will help you in determining the right mover for you and to help avoid moving scams. 

Questions To Ask To The Florida Moving Companies

  1. Is this an actual moving company or a brokerage?
  2. Who will be my contact person in case of any questions or concerns?
  3. How do you determine the cost of the move?
  4. How will you charge for additional services?
  5. How does increased valuation affect the moving company quotes?
  6. Is this moving estimate based on weight or volume?
  7. What is the exact full name of your business?
  8. How long have you been in business?
  9. What are your company’s website and email address?
  10. Do you own or lease your own moving truck?
  11. What type of vehicles do you use? Box truck? Semi? Pick-up and trailer?
  12. Are you licensed and insured?
  13. What is the coverage of the insurance?
  14. What are your USDOT number?
  15. Do you have any references that I may see?
  16. Are you members of the BBB or Other industry affiliations?
  17. Are your estimates binding or non-binding?
  18. Do you give flat rate estimates or by the hour?
  19. Do you give discounts for seniors, military or students?
  20. Are there any other discounts or marketing promotions going on?

Once you receive binding estimates, take the time to look it over. Never sign anything until you have read and understood the agreement and all your questions have been answered.

Please Read the Offer Documents Carefully

Before you sign any agreement, make sure that you have considered all your moving company quotes, then sign the agreement with the moving company that you match your needs. Lastly, the moving company should be engaged in questions of their own during the moving estimate process. And be wary of moving companies that only say “yes, we can do that.” Because No they can’t, at least not all the time.

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