Moving Companies in Tampa

10 Tips on How to Choose Good Moving Companies in Tampa

Finding and choosing from the professional and trustworthy moving companies in Tampa is a huge undertaking. There are a lot of moving companies to consider, but how would you sort them out? The following 10 moving tips will help you see through the scammers and tell if the movers you are considering are reliable to complete your move quickly, safely and within your budget.

1. First and foremost, if you are searching for long distance movers, hire a moving company with at least a few years of experience planning and executing these moves. If you are moving locally, there’s probably no need to worry about how old the company is, but avoid using new movers. Most new moving companies are inexperienced and have a better chance of not having adequate insurance to cover something should they break it.

2. Choose a moving company that has a positive reputation around your area. Check with your local BBB (Better Business Bureau) office to see which moving companies in Tampa have clean records.

3. Use moving companies that are recommended by friends, family or colleagues whom you trust. If you know someone who has moved recently, ask if their service was acceptable.

4. Pay close attention to how professional, the moving companies representatives are when to talk to them on the phone and when they visit your home for an in-home survey. During the in-home survey, they should go through each and every room of your home as ask detailed questions regarding your move so that they can provide you with more accurate local moving quotes. If the moving company is not following this very basic step, you may not want to proceed with them any further.

5. Check with the movers whether they have a proper infrastructure in terms of warehouses and vehicles (in proper condition) and own moving crew (not subcontractors) who are regularly trained, to take care of the myriad of your moving requirements.

6. Make sure the movers have all the moving equipment in good condition and they own them. This means they can accommodate any last-minute changes to your move. On the flip side, movers who rent equipment might be slower to accommodate.

7. Choose Tampa movers who are known for being on time. Many moving companies have poor on-time records, meaning you can be left waiting for hours for them. A good practice is to confirm your scheduled time 24 hours before as a friendly reminder.

8. Choose from Professional Movers that doesn’t require you to move stuff beforehand. Many movers will tell you that you must get all of your belongings on the ground floor or on the front lawn or they won’t move them. Make sure to ask them about this policy.

9. If possible, see the movers in action, on another person’s stuff first. This should not be tough in case of a local move. Just find out a location that they will be working at and observe them. Sometimes, you can make a better decision as to whether or not to hire them. If that is not possible, ask the movers to provide references of at least three previous clients, so you can check with them directly. This would definitely be a solid confidence booster.

10. Even with the best packing and moving practices, sometimes accidents can happen. So choose pro’ movers who offer adequate insurance to protect your belongings or offer the opportunity to purchase additional coverage for your high-value items.

Compare Multiple Moving Quotes & Educate Yourself First!

Choosing Professional Movers should be based on many factors such as price, area served, equipment, flexibility, storage warehouse and insurance as these hold the most weight for your decision. It may be challenging to sort through different types of movers but all the hard work will pay up when your belongings will reach your destination safely.
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