Important and Useful Tips for Winter Moving

Moving is tough no matter what season you choose. But moving during the dead of winter adds complexity and challenges to the move. However, we have compiled these 10 important and useful tips for winter moving for the safety and security of your move.

Get Started Early

During winters, it gets darker much earlier in the evenings. To begin your move early to take advantage of the daylight hours.

Clear the Snow to Make Your Move Safer

Winters are unpredictable and if you are unlucky, it may probably snow on a moving day. So make sure all entry points to the property are completely clear and safe, put down salt or sand if required.

Monitor the Weather Conditions

Avoid unpleasant surprises by staying one step ahead. Keep monitoring weather forecasts from weeks before your move. And if you find any storm hitting on your move date talk to your full-service movers to reschedule your move.

Be Equipped for the Cold

Keep yourself warm and safe by dressing in several layers. Wear comfortable shoes with anti-slip soles to protect your feet, keep your fingers safe with the help of thick work gloves.

Protect Your Belongings

To protect your belongings from rain or snow, plastic sheets, blankets and protective coverings. Cardboard moving boxes get wet easily, so consider using plastic boxes on wheels. Also, try to avoid using any moving boxes that don’t have lids or can’t be sealed.

Take Care of Floor and Carpets

During the move, a lot of people will move in and out of both your old and new home. Since they will be wearing heavy winter shoes, it can cause a lot of damage to your floor and carpets, so make sure to lay down flattened boxes or dust sheets over all the moving area.

Keep the Kettle Warm

Make sure not to pack your kettle until the very last minute. This way you can keep everyone warm with tea, hot chocolate and soup. While moving, stash the kettle somewhere handy, so you can easily grab it and plug it once you reach your destination.

Protect Your Pets

Most pets don’t really enjoy harsh winter conditions, especially when it is moving to a new unknown place. It would be wise if you leave them temporarily at a friend’s place or have them looked after in a separate heated room and move them later. You can also arrange the transportation of your pets before moving days, so they won’t have to go through moving stress.

Prepare Your Car for Winter Moving

You will probably use your own vehicle to reach the final destination, so make sure to prepare your car for the move. Get it checked by an authorized car mechanic and keep all the essential items on the road with you, such as tire chains, shovels, ice scrapers, extra fuel, tow rope, a torch, additional blankets, a charged mobile phone, and most importantly – extra cash for emergencies.

Book Movers Early

A lot of local or long distance movers get busy in the lead up to Christmas or New Year. So, even though you are planning a winter move, book your movers as soon as you know your moving date.

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