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10 Awesome Moving Hacks and Tips for Your Upcoming Move

At, Moversfolder, we’ve gathered 10 top DIY moving hacks and tips for the sole purpose of making your packing and moving go as smoothly as possible.

One of the Best Moving Hacks Clothes

Keeping in mind the moving stress it is advised to pack the clothes with their hangers. This way when you are unpacking all you will have to do is unpack and re-hang when you get to your new place. To do this, just take the clothes off the rack still on the hanger and place them in a bag (you can even use garbage bags) with the hanger sticking out of the end. Pack as many clothes in the bag as you can, then just tie all the hangers together and pack the bag away.

Another best and cheap moving hacks to pack clothes is to shrink wrap instead of vacuum bags. Simply wrap the item in shrinkwrap, poke a small hole through the plastic to stick the end of your vacuum into. Begin vacuuming, press and squeeze on the item and then place a piece of packing tape over the hole you created and you are done.

Easy Moving Hacks

Wear your tape around your wrist. This way you will never misplace it. And for less tech-savvy people, one of the best hacks for moving is to take a picture of the back of your electronics. This will make easier to reconnect them.

Great Moving Hacks

One of the great moving hacks and tips is to pack liquids and to prevent them from spilling, line your moving boxes with garbage bags to waterproof it. After packing tie the bag tightly and use packing tape around the knot to seal it. As for your opened bottles, one of the easiest moving hacks is to unscrew and remove the cap, place a piece of plastic wrap between the cap and the opened bottle, then screw the cap back on.

The best moving hacks for moving heavy furniture is to disassemble them and pack all the screws, nuts, and bolts, in a sandwich bag, then tape it to the piece of furniture it came from! However, adhesives on tape can ruin finished surfaces. To prevent this, another ‘moving furniture hacks’ is to use the tape backward (adhesive side up) and wrap tight or simple buy more furniture friendly masking tape.

Moving Hacks Kitchen

To save space is to pack the contents of your pantry (like spice bottles) inside pots and pans. You can also add packing paper to the mix to stop any glass from smacking and cracking.

Mirrors usually don’t survive the move, especially when it is a long distance move across the country. An essential moving across country hacks is put masking or painters tape on mirrors and glass. It won’t prevent them from breaking but it will help to absorb shocks and if the glass shards accidentally smash can, it will keep the glass in the frame thereby keeping the rest of your items safe.

Moving Truck Hacks

One of the best moving truck hacks is to pack your sofa vertically instead of horizontally and place it in front of the truck. This helps in weight distribution and to give it the most possible support. This way you will also get more square footage in the truck, leaving more room for the rest of your belongings.

Moving Day Hacks

One of the most important moving day hacks is to pack and essential bag and keep it with you. You certainly don’t want to spend time searching for essentials after a long move. So keep a few clothing, toiletries, medicine, charges, etc in a separate bag or box, mark it accordingly and if possible keep it with you.

What About the Best Moving Hacks?

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