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Open Air Vs Closed Container Auto Transport

Are you moving from one state to another ? Looking for car shipping companies to move your car from old state? Car transport companies ship your car across major cities of the United States. Cars are shipped to your destined location either with open-air or enclosed transport. Most of the vehicle transport companies make use of a tractor trailer to ship the cars to the destination.

Open-Air Auto Transport

Open-air auto trucks are of length 75 to 80 feet with a two-level trailer where cars will be arranged in two straight rows. Both the rows, top and bottom offer enough space for the cars to be loaded without causing any damage. Cars are loaded on the trailer and locked with the jigs from underneath. There won’t be any sides or roofs on the trailer to protect the car, it’s will be open.

The advantage of car shipping with open-air auto transport is least expensive as the fuel it burns is relatively less due to the lighter weight compared to the enclosed auto transport. Also, the driver can make regular inspections during the transits.

The disadvantage of car shipping with open-air auto transport is exposing your car openly with very little protection from the debris and less security.

Enclosed Auto Transport

An enclosed auto shipping is a fully enclosed trailer with a roof and closed on four sides. Choosing this kind of car transport provides a safe and secure ride for your car while auto shipping.

Highly priced cars are preferable to ship through enclosed car shipping as these luxury and expensive cars require a high level of safety and secured environment. Enclosed auto transport way of car moving provides protection from the weather.

Though enclosed auto transport provides high safety and protection on an advantageous side, it’s an expensive deal as it provides high protection and less fuel efficiency due to the heavyweight. Add on to that, it gives less visibility to the driver to inspect during the transits.

Choosing the right auto shipping method solely depends on the terms safety and security you prefer to opt for. It’s always better to try to get two or three quotes to compare and make a final call for booking. You can also make use of moving tips to check the step by step guide for transporting your vehicle.

Ready To Move Interstate?

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