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Know About Auto Transport Insurance Details

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Many policies you buy to protect the vehicle on transit may or may not cover the whole damage. Even some of the car shipping companies include in their contract that they don’t take any responsibility for the potential damage caused in their control. To be careful it’s is always suggested to make all the policy terms clear before signing the contract. Here are the things you should know about auto transport insurance.

Proof of Insurance

Ask the vehicle transport companies to provide proof of insurance before finalizing on auto transport quotes. Because, as per the law, automobile transport companies carry the insurance certificate and they must be able to disclose it when asked. Inquire with the company, whether any damage is covered during auto transportation. Be particular to know the details about what percentage of physical damage auto transport insurance is provided.

Get it in Written
If any special promises or agreements have been made, then get them in written format. It stands as lone evidence to make the claims for unexpected happenings.

Ask Your Auto Insurance Company
Each policy differs. Your vehicle may be covered by auto transport insurance policy during the car shipping process, but instead of assuming it better to recheck with them to be confident while auto transport. Also, ask if you have to submit any notification form provided by the vehicle transport companies.

Inspection Before Giving the Vehicle for Car Shipping
Every auto transport company has to perform the inspection of the vehicle to make a brief note of existing dents and damages before taking control of the vehicle. Also, take time-stamped photos of the vehicle to keep them as a record.

The Bill of Lading

Bill of lading is a condition report of the vehicle upon arrival. The owner of the vehicle has to sign it after receiving the delivery. Before signing on it, inspect the whole vehicle thoroughly, compare it with the photos you have taken before giving it to their possession, check undercarriage and start the engine to figure out any internal damages. And if you find any damages, then write them on the bill of lading and ask the driver to sign on it to claim the reimbursement from the company.

Filing complaint in case of damage

You can file a complaint with Better Business Bureau and US DOT (if transported over state lines) if the transportation company failed to provide the car moving service as promised. In case of damages, to get a claim, record all damages on the “Bill of Lading” and have your transporter sign a copy. Do not refuse to accept the vehicle unless the damages make them completely invaluable. Then follow your car shipping company’s instructions on filing and collecting a claim. The car shipping company can resolve your auto transport insurance claim quickly, and you can help them do that by having some patience.

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