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A Guide For An International Auto Transport

Moving your car to another city with a long-distance move has its own challenges but moving to a whole new country bring on new challenges to explore and understand before moving your car. While shipping your car to the new country, there are certain things you have to consider before shipping it. There are many international auto shippers who provide these kind of services.

Transportation in the Country You are Moving

Most of the countries have a good public transportation facility to commute along the country, even in the suburbs. And the streets of the countries may be filled with traffic, which you may feel congested to drive. People may prefer the public transportation more because of it’s availability to every corner, so, you can get along without your car.
So, do your research to find whether you really need to take this huge decision of international vehicle transport to the other country which includes quite a lot of shipping cost.

Type of Your Car is Legal In the country

American cars are not compatible with the driving requirements of countries like England, Australia or Japan because of their driving laws in which you need a car steering on the right-hand side of the vehicle. So, if you are moving in any of the countries which have a right-hand side steering, then the whole idea of shipping doesn’t work.

Price of the Cars in the Country

If the new car price is equal or lesser than the addition of your car price plus the international auto transport price which is quite expensive, then it is better to sell your existing car and buy a new one in the country once you settled.

Import Tariffs in the Country

Import tariffs wouldn’t get covered in the service provided by the international auto shippers. Better to inquire in advance about such fees you pay in the new country while collecting your car.

Driver License Requirements

With the American driver’s license, you can drive the vehicle in the new country for a specific period of time. Then you have to obtain a new license from the country’s transport department. Research more to understand the driving laws and regulations of the country.
New country relocation is always an adventurous ride, but better be prepared with your own research. Now you can book the international auto transport services at MoverFolder with an ease. Fill the form and hit the ‘Get Quotes’ to pulls the best from reputable and reliable international auto shipping companies.

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